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Post  Post subject: Another fucked up thing  |  Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:35 pm
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I'm sure in this day and age of ordering shit online is something most of us have done many times. It's great, it's easy, and you can shop from home and not have to deal with wasting your time going from store to store in all that fucked up traffic. It's such a simple thing, unless you're me.

I needed to order a trailer hitch for our van because we're accumulating too much crap to get it all in one van. So after searching several sites I found one that looked right. And the price was right. Butt, they list 2 different models for our van. I studied them both, can't tell the difference, both class 3, both same price, both for 1985, similar instructions and look the same. So what the fuck is the difference? I've tried emailing them about it with no responce. Can't call them when I get home because they're closed and have no answering service.

So I said fuck it, I'll order the one anyway. So I get to the last checkout page and it says print this page for your copy....thanks.

Now how many times have you ordered something online and at the very last page you have to click a "submit" button? I couldn't find one, and after going "back" and "back" and "back" I got nowhere fast. So I X'ed out of it and tried it again. Same fucking thing. Well guess fucking what? There is no "submit" button on thier site, and I ended up ordering the god damn thing twice!!

Of course it's after hours and they don't seem to understand returning email messages so I'll have to call the fuckers from work tommorow and hope I get ahold of them before they ship 2 god damn hitches out!

Why does everything have to be so fucked up all the time?

Update: My faith in humanity has just been restored, at least for the time being. I just recieved an email from this place and all is fixed. Now I have a legitimate reason to celebrate. :shock:

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