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Post  Post subject: Tuff love with my GMC  |  Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:35 pm
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I really can't complain, though I seem to do it a lot. My truck has given me many years of service with little trouble considering how I drive. But lately it's been telling me "hey dumb fucker, I need some attention!". OK, I guess I'll put my life on hold and try to understand your fucked up-ness.

It started leaking oil about 2 months ago, I figured ok, it's got over 200 thousand miles on it. If you had over 200 thousand miles on you, you would leak too I bet. That's why someone invented diapers for old people. But since nobody makes them for my truck, I guess I'm destined to see what I can do. Now I'm not talking a couple of drips here and there, I'm talking full blown pissed my driveway. So I figured it was coming from the rear seal, which is the main focus of attention anytime something needs to "come out", right? So I dedicated myself to replace the bung hole seal.

In the garage she goes, my wrences are all laid out, lets commence and do the dirty deed and stop this neverending menstral cycle of oil.

After spending hours on my back on a cold cement floor, I pulled every bolt, connector, hose and fitting that was nessesarry to drop the tranny and replace that leaking son of a bitch. BUTT, I was down to 6 bolts of finalizing my journey and could not reach the last 2 bolts because a stupid crossmember that would not allow me to drop the trans low enough to reach them was in the way. So I said to myself "fuuuuuuuck maaaaaaan". Grabbed another beer and started looking closer at where she was leaking. To my surprize, the whole god damn engine had oil all over it, not just it's butt, it's like John threw up on it. So I said fuck it and commenced to get drunk.

Next day I decided to put it all back together. By now my back is so rubbed raw from sliding in and out from under that stupid thing it felt like a bad sunburn, literally! After scratching my head and doing some research of other dumb fuckers with similar problems, I decided to check the PCV port on the throttle body. Sure enough, it was plugged solid. So logic tells me that if the engine has no way of getting rid of internal pressure, it has to go someplace, just like us. Get the picture? So I unplugged the fucker, fired her up and it hasn't leaked since!

Moral of this story, if you get plugged up, unclog yourself, because I aint going through that bullshit again!

Let me refrase that, if something starts leaking because somethings plugged up, unclog the blockage to stop the leak. Huh? I know, fuck it, I'm outa here.......that's just stupid.

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