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Post  Post subject: Look at this shit  |  Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:29 pm
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I have to deal with this crap everyday. I come home and the kitchen trash can is overflowing, stacked up like someone had to carefully place thier god damn garbage like they were building a fucking monument. How the fuck am I suppose to lift that fucking bag out of there without spilling half of it on the god damn floor? It can't be done, I've tried a million times. Then, instead of putting the plastic bottles in the recycling bin, in the trash can it goes, so I have to pick the motherfuckers out of there amongst the rancid slimy shit that got tossed in there from last nights leftovers. I once refused to empty the fucking thing, I didn't say anything about it, hoping somebody would step up and take it out themselves for once, but noooooo, it got so bad the fucking trash was landing on the floor. Then the flies discovered the gold and the stench became unbearable. I was not singing Kum-By-Ya by any means. Then I got asked "Randall, are you going to empty the garbage anytime soon?" FUCK! Am I the only person authorized in this house to empty the fucking garbage? Needless to say that aproach didn't work. So it's either bend over everyday and do it myself, or wait until I can't see the floor anymore, of which I'll end up cleaning it up myself anyway. Then there's the fucking grocery cart full of cans and bottles. Look at it. I cleaned it up once and got bitched at so I ain't touching the fucking thing. I figure when it gets so bad that even those knucklheads can't deal with it, they'll take care of it themselves, only problem is, either the street or the nieghbors will be the beneficiaries of such a wonderful gift. Fuck it.

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