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Post  Post subject: Just out for the fuck of it!  |  Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:27 pm
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Ok people, what gives? I'm a very busy person. I know that going ANYWHERE on the weekend is a friggen pain in the ass around here. Working 40 hours a week leaves me little time to take care of all the bullshit that piles up. The weekends are normally the only chance I get to catch up on things that need to be done. You know, stuff like running to giutar center, or the hardware store, or the auto parts store, and the list goes on. So knowing that if I wait until the weekend to take care of this shit, I also have to deal with a million other motherfuckers that are supposedly taking care of thier own shit. So I have this brilliant idea.........Leave early from work, like say, 10:00 o'clock on Wednesday. Everybody should be at work, right? Wrong! First thing that happens is I'm gridlocked on Rainier Avenue. Vehicles are backed up from light to light for fucking miles! What the fuck?! Why is there so many fucking people out on the road on a Wednesday at 10 in the morning? It's not lunchtime! It's not a national holiday! It's a fucking workday! The godamn Wal-Mart parking lot is full, (what, is Wednesday the day welfare checks arrive?) the gas stations are lined up, there's fucking morons everywhere! WHY?? I'm guessing that most of these losers are just out there for the fuck of it. If they are unemployed, obviously they have no money to spend. And I know there's not THAT many deadbeats that work second shift, and if they did, what the hell are they doing out there at 10 in the morning? I'd be sleeping my ass off. So I thought that maybe I just picked a freak day. Next time I tried a different day, same fucking thing. Why aren't these people at thier goddamn desk, or learning english so they can work at Jack-in-the-box, or stocking shelves at some fucked up wharehouse? Who are all these losers that are just out there with no particular place to go or be at? Fuck em all, I guess I'll just have to find a store that I can do my shopping at 2:00 in the morning. At least I'll only have to deal with drunks, and at least I'll know that they actually had a legitimate reason for being on the road, unlike the rest of them fuckers.

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